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6 joints reconstruction in one patient
Preoperative Postoperative Remarks


  35 years old male diagnosed initially as ankylosingspondyloitis but after consultation with rheumatologist it was found that he has Juvenile Idiopathic Arthropathy (JIA). He presented with bilateral hips, knees & ankle arthropathy. knees hips in 40 degrees of flexion deformity. He had 4 joints replacement, bilateral hip & bilateral knee replacement and then he had pantalar arthrodesis for severe arthritis and deformities in right ankle and hindfoot


Thank you letter to Dr. Mahmoud Hafez

My condition started since I was six years old, when I felt inability to move my joints normally, followed after with back pain to the degree that i couldn't be able to single out my back or finish my work, the situation stayed  as it  and pain became  more and more. In addition to that, the hipjoints became painful in moving with which I couldn't easily walk as well as I couldn't run or play ball like others.


Afterwards, the left knee with my both right and left feet hurt me but right was more painful, thenmy feet deviated to the outside and was more in the right foot. My extremities show stiffness that were by end couldn'tbe lift up or down. I think because of misdiagnosis, the pain spread to all the joints of my body, Neck, Shoulders, and Arms, Back bones, Pelvis, Knees and feet.Then I saw Dr.  Mahmoud Hafez and he told me that I need urgent surgery to change hip joints and another surgery to change the knee joints, and that previous diagnosis of Ankylosing spondylitis was wrong and itis JuvenileIdiopathic Arthropathy (JIA).We agreed to operate firston right hip, but the biggest problem was in anesthesia as the problem wasthe introduction of the breathing tube because there would be great difficulty because of a stiff neck. I entered the intensive care unit after operation and the process was completed successful.Five days after the first operation the left hip was operated on specifically on 30/07/2011.After a period of convalescence, Istarted walking with ease, thank God, and I was able to straighten my back completely, pelvic pain and thighs were relieved and I was able to help myself and left thingswithout help.


 In 1/2/2012 I agreed to go for surgery for changing both knee joints using electronic templates system both to be done on same day.After the surgery I can now bend my knees, walk with ease and flexibility more than before, and without any pain and without admition to the intensive care unit.  After a period of about 3 months and with walking I felt the pain in my right foot in addition to the deformities that I had before.Then in 12/9/2012 Dr. Mahmoud Hafezinsertednail in my right foot (fusion nail), splinted my leg for a period of 3 months, then after that conducted scanograme was done and turned that hip, knee and foot wereon single line.


So I do  direct my deep thanks to Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Hafez – on his efforts and trials  to treat my condition to the highest level of full recovery, as well as appreciation for my financial constraints and lake of medical insurance and for all his dealings with me and I asked God to aggravate his science and to bless him in his knowledge and himself and his family –  beside my advice  for all whose joints  are needed  tobe changed or installing artificial joint full go to Dr. Mahmoud Hafez  just so broad knowledge as well as his excellent experience in this area  and techniques in the world.


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