12th International Arthroplasty Conference, 31 Jan to 2 Feb 2019, Cairo, Egypt


Feedback: 7th International Arthroplasty Conference, Sharm El Sheikh 


Congratulations for your excellent work which made the Knee Instructional Course in Sharm successful. I would suggest to keep the same format for next year.
Siegfried Hofmann: LKH Stolzalpe Orthopaedic Dept, Maraw, Austria
I enjoyed your wonderful country. I learned a lot from the conference and made some really good contacts.
Ian Campbell: Professor of Engineering, Loughborough Design School, Loughborough University, UK
I valued the conference in its content, which made me understand the issues you are facing in orthopaedics in your country as well as the lively discussions with a knowledgeable audience who is eager to learn and improve.
Robert M. Streicher: Professor in Biomaterials & Biomechanics, Università degli studi dell'Insubria, Varese; Lecturer, Technical University ETHZ, Zürich, Switzerland


like my colleagues, I would like to extend a sincere thank you for your warm welcoming for this conference in Sharm el Sheikh, from which I learnt many things.
Quentin Léguillette: Application Engineer - Mimics Innovation Suite, Belgium
It is an opportunity to attend the conference and to learn interesting things during the presentations;  I enjoyed these few days I spent in Sharm El Sheikh.
Nicolae Balc: Professor, Department of Manufacturing Engineering, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca B-dul Muncii, Romania
it was really a nice event and I am ready for more contribution next time.
Mohammed Awad: Consultant, Al Helal Orthopaedic Hospital, Cairo, Egypt
Topics well covered, venue is brilliant. Good Workshop but it needs more representation from the sponsoring companies, more workshops and a better conference company.
Sam Morgan: Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, North Cumbria University Hospital, UK
The course is a smash hit; we need to keep it going; Dr.Hofman is a perfect teacher, course hand-outs printed well; computer sessions were very well staffed, although attendance was not great. The course needs to get split over 2 days
Emad Saweeres: Consultant, Al Sahel  Teaching Hospital, Cairo, Egypt
Venue was perfect; timing of the conference during January is perfect; faculty was well trained to give lectures and very scientific; preconference course was perfect as overall evaluation and added to me a lot; conference papers were new and presenting relevant points; workshop was very informative and to the point; sticking to the time was perfect; the financial issues were fine and reasonable; organization (pre and during) was perfect. But, the TKR course was very compressed with a lot of information in one day.
Ahmed Hazem Abdel Azeem: Lecturer, Kasr Al-Aini Hospital, Cairo University, Egypt

Congratulation for this excellent successful arthroplasty conference. I learnt too much from discussion and updated my information on computer assisted arthroplasty. l also enjoyed beautiful sharm.
Mohamed Abo Elmagd: Orthopedic Consultant, Ahmed Maher Teaching Hospital, Cairo
Analysis of Evaluation Forms of 
Sharm Knee Arthroplasty Course
February 2014
Siegfried Hofmann, MD, PhD
Associate Professor, LKH-Stolzalpe Orthopedic Department, Murau, Austria

Mahmoud Hafez, MSc Orth, Dip SICOT, FRCS Ed, MD
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