11th International Arthroplasty Conference, 18-20 January 2018, Cairo, Egypt

Program (2018)

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11th International Arthroplasty Conference, 18-20 ـ January 2018, Cairo, Egypt


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·        Talks and workshops on arthroplasty of large and small joints

·        8th pre-conference course: The renowned Stolzalpe IC on Knee arthroplasty moderated

     by Prof. Siegfried Hofmann with Egyptian faculty

 NEW: WAIOT Symposium

   World Association against Infection in Orthopaedic and Trauma

   3 speakers:

   1) Prof. Heinz Winkler, Austria 

    Lecture: One-stage non cemented exchange in Prosthetic joint infection

   2) Prof. Carlo Luca Romano, Italy

    Lecture: Antibacterial coatings of implants

   3) Prof. Hazem Alkhawashki,Saudi Arabia

    Lecture: WAIOT, concept, vision and role in fighting MSI and periprosthetic infection

·        14th Middle East Symposium on CAOS

·        8th Symposium on Patient Specific Instruments for TKA

·        Session on alternative techniques and National Joint Registries

·       Parallel sessions for physiotherapy and orthopaedic nursing

    ·        Live surgeries after the conference in O6U hospital for TKR, UKR, Ankle &

        Shoulder replacement 21-24 Jan

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