Egyptian Community Arthroplasty Register

The register started in 2007, and the results have been analysed and regularly presented in national and international conferences such as EFORT, ISTA, SICOT and ISAR. Here are the titles of important presentations 

2010: Egyptian Arthroplasty register: Is it possible? In the 3rd International Arthroplasty Conference, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

2011: A Community Arthroplasty register in Middle East based on individual initiative . In the 12 EFORT Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark

2012: A community arthroplasty register. In 25th ISTA conference, Sydney, Australia

2013: Egyptian community arthroplasty register. In 2nd ISAR Meeting, Stratford upon Avon, UK
Download   2013 Presentation

2014: Egyptian Community Arthroplasty Register: An update (causes of failure) In 3rd ISAR Meeting, Boston, USA

2015: Is Infection Rate High In Developing Countries? 8 Years Data From Egyptian Community Arthroplasty Register. ) In 4thISAR Meeting, Gothenburg, Sweden

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